What’s In A Name?

Digital painting of a beautiful fantasy valley
by Owen
September 28, 2021

I hit 70,000 words on my work in progress last night. It felt amazing. I’ve been a writer for a while so I’ve written many more words than that in total. But this project feels different. It feels more personal. And it’s been so much fun! Don’t get me wrong. I love the writing I’ve done in the past, especially the script and screenplay writing. But this project has unlocked something new in me, allowing me to pour a part of myself into it that’s never been written before. When I sit down in my old yellow swivel chair with my laptop sitting in my lap (where else would it go?) I’ll go for hours without a break. Suddenly I’ve written three, four, or five-thousand words. Okay, not suddenly, It takes hours. But it feels fast.

I also came up with a title, both for this book, the two following it, and the series. I started it without a title in mind, thinking that I’d come up with one along the way. But every working title I tried never seemed to fit. Sometimes I’ll actually start a creative project with a title, and build it from there. But that’s only when it’s a really good title, because titles are just as important as the work itself. Who would buy a story with a dumb title, right?

My goal is to have the first draft finished by the first week of October 2021. Let’s see if I can hit it!