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I’m Owen.

Best-selling author Owen Lach writes tales of queer love and adventure across YA sci-fi and romance.

His passion for diverse voices shines in worlds where characters find their power and embark on unforgettable journeys. When he’s not writing, Owen seeks inspiration in the works of other queer, femme, trans, and POC authors and unwinds in the vibrant worlds of anime and video games. For Owen, stories are more than words. They’re bridges to understanding, windows to new experiences, and the beating heart of human connection. Join him in exploring imagination’s boundless possibilities.

My Books

The Neskan Chronicles

Founder’s Mercy

The Neskan Chronicles Book One

The Bolvar Union provides everything a good citizen needs, only asking one thing in return: total devotion to the State. Teenage best friends Adan Testa and Bo Shen have other ideas. They plan an unlikely heist to earn their way over the wall, escaping Bolvar before serving their mandatory five years in the Bolvar Union Defense Force. But Adan doesn’t know he possesses a secret talent that no one has seen in the five centuries since the First Explorers colonized Neska. And when the Union discovers Adan’s hidden gift, they’ll do anything and everything they can to discover his secret. Even if it kills him.

Fans of Alex London’s Proxy or M.R. Carey’s Ramparts Trilogy won’t want to miss this engaging and inclusive sci-fi dystopian thriller.

Cover for Founder's Mercy by Owen Lach

Broken Valley

The Neskan Chronicles Book Two

Adan Testa is on the run. Somehow he can use the centuries-old tech left behind by Neska’s original colonists. That makes him the target of powerful forces willing to do whatever it takes to learn Adan’s secret for themselves. With Union operatives hot on his heels, Adan and his friends begin a perilous journey along the 500-year-old trail to the only thing that can give Adan the answers he seeks.

Don’t miss this thrilling new addition to the smash hit Queer YA Sci-Fi series The Neskan Chronicles from best-selling author Owen Lach!

Cover for Broken Valley: Book Two of The Neskan Chronicles by Owen Lach

Misery Bay

The Neskan Chronicles Book Three

Adan Testa knew the answers were out there. Yet, uncovering them only revealed more questions, more secrets, and far more danger. But on his journey to Neska’s remote Dellan Islands, the hunted has become the hunter. Adan isn’t running–he’s driven, fueled by the mysteries that still haunt him. And what awaits is a terrifying unknown, and a confrontation that could destroy everything he holds true.

Don’t miss this action-packed new installment in best-selling author Owen Lach’s breathtaking Queer YA Sci-Fi series The Neskan Chronicles!

Cover for Misery Bay: Book Three of The Neskan Chronicles by Owen Lach

Modern Queer Fairy Tales

Jack’s On Fire

A Modern Queer Fairy Tale
Amazon’s #1 New Release in Teen & YA LGBTQ+ Fiction

What if you were a queer teenage musician outed by his vengeful ex-boyfriend and not a fairy tale princess trapped in a castle tower? What if your wicked stepmother was your ordinary, thoughtless, uncaring mother? What if your fairy godmother was your older brother? What if your Prince Charming was captain of the JV soccer team? Maybe you’d be forgiven for not realizing you were living in a sort of fairy tale.

Faced with the impossible choice of staying home to risk being sent away to Father Sullivan’s special school for exceptionally happy boys or moving in with his older brother in California, 16-yr-old Jack Martin leaves behind everything he knows in Minneapolis to go to San Francisco. He finds himself at a new school with new friends and the freedom to be himself. Then sparks fly when Jack meets Damon, his Geometry tutor (and captain of the JV soccer team.) But Jack wonders if Damon feels those sparks, too. And does their budding friendship have a chance to become something more?

Jack’s On Fire is a heartwarming, modern, queer fairy tale about friendship, chosen family, and young, queer love perfect for fans of Heartstopper. Sure, there aren’t any fairies or wands. But what else would you call it when everything starts magically going your way?

Cover for Jack's on Fire, A Modern Queer Fairy Tale by Owen Lach

Jack’s Ever After

Another Modern Queer Fairy Tale
Amazon’s #1 New Release in Teen & YA LGBTQ+ Fiction

Return to Jack and Damon’s queer love story in the poignant sequel, Jack’s Ever After.

Jack Martin’s life feels like a dream come true. He’s surrounded by supportive friends, his music is thriving, and he’s head over heels for the boy of his dreams. Jack’s fairy tale seems complete. But as he enters his eleventh-grade year at Nolan High School, Jack soon learns that every fairy tale has its villains. In this gripping continuation of the bestselling modern, queer fairy tale Jack’s on Fire, Jack discovers that not all endings are as happy as they seem.

Join Jack as he navigates the many twists and turns of high school, friendship, and love. With its compelling exploration of chosen family and the complexities of young queer love, Jack’s Ever After will captivate you until the very last page. Discover what lies beyond the happily ever after in this stirring queer tale that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you yearning for more.

Cover for Jack's Ever After, Another Modern Queer Fair Tale by Owen Lach

Reviewers Say…

Jack’s Ever After shines with nuanced characters, poignant storytelling, and a heartfelt exploration of the challenges that threaten a happily ever after."

Queerspace Magazine on Jack’s Ever After

In Jack's Ever After, Owen Lach has created a sequel that is poignant, authentic, and beautiful."

-Duncan’s Books & More on Jack’s Ever After

A solid YA romance sequel with great characters, cute romance, and plenty of angst."

Chris Monceaux on Jack’s Ever After

Owen Lach’s Broken Valley is a captivating queer science fiction tale that blends clever world-building, breathless action, and thoughtful, compelling relationships.”

Queerspace Magazine on Broken Valley

Broken Valley was another compelling and easy read. It races along at such a pace that you’re never left spinning your heels. This is a chase that keeps you hooked.

The Queer Review on Broken Valley

I found the book really sweet. I loved how positive the relationships were in this book and that the focus was on queer joy. The tenderness of these boys and their relationship won my heart."

–Ryan Douglass, New York Times bestselling author on Jack’s on Fire

Jack’s on Fire is a charming, triumphant tale of a queer boy’s journey to find acceptance, community, and love."

–Queerspace Magazine on Jack’s on Fire

Jack’s On Fire is a charming “hang out” novel filled with lovely characters you’d like to meet in real life. In a YA queer romance market filled with variations on a theme Jack’s On Fire bucks the trend to go warm and lo-fi."

–The Queer Review on Jack’s on Fire

Lach breathes some new life into the genre with a likable cast of characters, an engaging romance, and a well-thought-out premise."

Owen Lach’s debut YA sci-fi novel, Founder’s Mercy, feels like a well-oiled machine. This is an unpretentiously accomplished debut and a cracking, fun read."

-The Queer Review on Founder’s Mercy

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