Misery Bay: A Journey of Transformation

by Owen
March 15, 2024

A name can hold power. In Misery Bay, that power took on an edge, twisting the story into something darker than the notes I’d made at the beginning of the Neskan Chronicles. The stakes escalated, the violence intensified, and the weight it bore down on Adan (and me) became a constant companion. Adan’s a far cry from the precocious teenager he was in the first book. Wanted and on the run, fighting for his life and the lives of his friends, he desperately seeks answers–not just for himself, but for everyone. Those experiences left their mark.

In Broken Valley, Adan battled trauma and PTSD. But in Misery Bay, he emerges hardened and relentless with the stakes etched on his psyche. As his squad’s new leader, each step forward leaves his spirit fractured and his choices blurred by the desperation he carries. It’s been a raw, haunting journey, forcing me to delve into my darkest depths to make Adan’s struggles ring true even in this fictional sci-fi world.

Much of Adan’s strength comes from his tight-knit squad, including his longtime best friend, Bo, and his new boyfriend, Garun. But as their leader, his choices now impact them all, testing their bonds in unexpected ways. I also introduced several new characters, including Lev, a crewperson from the Fair Winds. Lev’s open heart and trusting nature clash with the squad’s hard-earned cynicism, pushing me to examine the fault lines even the strongest friendships can develop under pressure.

With Misery Bay unleashed, the Neskan Chronicles inch closer to their explosive conclusion. But Adan’s fight is far from over. Brace yourselves for heart-pounding twists, shattering revelations, and a final stand that will leave you breathless. Join me on this next thrilling chapter in Adan’s odyssey. The unknown awaits!