Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Garun

Image is an illustration of a young person with short, dark hair, light eyes, and ruddy-brown skin wearing a dark blue coat and white shirt
by Owen
April 10, 2022

Character Name: Garun Mostock

Character Age: 18 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: His mother’s Mushroom and Sorghum Stew

Favorite Place: Founders Park in Gallur Heights

Backstory: Garun is the youngest child of a privileged Gallur Heights family with a senior member of the Union Committee. Charming and handsome, Garun always had an easy life. Little was expected of him beyond being good enough in his studies to become a Defense Force Commander.

Personality: Garun is passionate and hot-tempered. He’s always been secretly resentful of his privilege but never did or said anything to change it. Garun was shocked by his initial Defense Force experience after being used to getting everything he wanted with little effort.

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