Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Bo

Image is an illustration of a young person with dark hair and golden-brown skin wearing a dark gray button down coat
by Owen
April 8, 2022

Character Name: Bo Shen

Character Age: 16 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: Spiced Sweet Buns

Favorite Place: Mother Agra’s Public House in the Lowers

Backstory: After his parents were convicted of treason against the State, Bo’s family friend Calin hid his identity and moved him into a group home in the Flats. Bo eventually moved into the same group home as Adan, where the two became best friends. Once Bo finished his primary instruction, he was assigned a job at a Union Laundry plant until he became old enough to serve his required five years in the Bolvar Defense Force.

Personality: Bo is charming and funny but uses humor to cover his hidden anger and fear. He’s naturally distrustful and keeps most people at arm’s length, including his many romantic partners. But, once someone has earned his trust, Bo is exceedingly loyal.

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