Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Adan

Image is an illustration of a young person with dark hair and olive-brown skin wearing a gray button down coat
by Owen
April 7, 2022

Character Name: Adan Testa

Character Age: 16 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: Marsh Pig Stew

Favorite Place: Lake Suloa at Lanbro Falls, Bolvar Valley

Backstory: After his parents went missing at age 6, Adan was placed into a group home in the Lowers by the Union Health & Welfare Bureau. After finishing his primary education at a State Instruction Center, Adan was given a job at a Union Laundry plant until he became old enough to serve his required five years in the Bolvar Defense Force.

Personality: Adan is kind and generous. He prefers to stay out of trouble but is easily influenced by his best friend, Bo. While cautious, Adan isn’t afraid to stand up for those he cares about. He’s a fiercely loyal friend. Adan develops crushes quickly and secretly wonders when he’ll find someone to fall in love with.

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