Book Review: The Poisons We Drink

The cover for The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste
by Owen
March 4, 2024


Forget rainbows and sparkles. This is dark magic with bite. The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste is a witchy thriller that throws urban fantasy and noir vibes into a cauldron, brewing a potent concoction for readers. Venus Stoneheart is no Glinda the Good Witch. This black-market brewer in a world simmering with tension between humans and witchers is more of a “vengeance with a side of survival” kind of hero. When a murder throws her into the fire, Venus becomes tangled in a conspiracy hotter than a funeral pyre. Baptiste sets the stage for this tale in a fascinating, magic-infused world where even everyday life has a touch of the fantastical. The simmering tension between witchers and their iron-wielding human counterparts adds a constant layer of danger, keeping the story on a thrilling boil. The mystery unfolds slowly, teasing out plenty of twists and surprises on the way. If you crave a messy hero in a dark, witchy world, this book is the perfect poison for you.