Book Review: Samson & Domingo

The cover for Samson & Domingo by Gume Laurel III featuring an illustration of two Latine boys posing back to back before a football field
by Owen
January 13, 2024


Forget the Bible’s Samson and Delilah drama. This reimagining is the queer love story we deserve! That whole “haircut, betrayal, temple collapse” mess in Sunday School wasn’t exactly relatable to young, queer me. But Laurel flips the script in this queer reimagining of the story, gifting us with Samson & Domingo, a tender, sun-kissed romance that’ll melt your heart.

Laurel made magic with words, even when it comes to verse. Sparse lines paint vivid pictures of these two boys, their connection blooming like flowers along the Rio Grande. The river, a constant witness to their growing love, adds a layer of quiet poetry that had me swooning. Experiencing these two queer Latine boys living their best lives in a world that embraces them was pure joy. This book is a warm hug and a whispered promise: your love story is out there, waiting to be written.