Let’s Take a Road Trip

by Owen
January 30, 2023

I’ll be honest. I love a good road trip. So, naturally, I included one in Broken Valley. Sure, it was more “running from the evil forces bent on our destruction” than “let’s enjoy looking at the countryside.” But the pieces were all there. They saw a lot of Neksa, which gave me a chance to introduce the reader to the wonderful world I created. They had some downtime, which gave us a few breathers between intense action scenes. And they talked, which gave us the chance to learn more about Adan and his friends. But they didn’t stop to take pictures–or, did they? I’m sure Besi kept a record of everything it saw. And they don’t have social media to post their photos anyway. But what if they did? This is what I imagined a stop for selfie break would produce.

To say Adan Testa never imagined his life would turn out how it has is an understatement. as rough as things have been, having an amazing boyfriend like Garun Mostok by his side helps, even if he’s a Gallur Heights boy with a hair trigger temper.

Jenra Tabata’s smart, no-nonsense attitude makes her a good squad leader and great friend. Bo Shen always wears his heart on his sleeve, even when it gets him in trouble. They’re exactly the kind of people watching your back when you get betrayed as often as Adan does.

Dr. Davi Kitola has forgotten more about old tech than most people will ever know. Rune Tabata was a Motari Rebel fighting against the Bolvar Union until he rebelled against the Motari, too. Together, their brains and experience help them guide Adan and his friends in their quest for the missing lander.