Jack’s on Fire Character Profile: Jack

Illustration of a teenage latinx boy wearing a black shirt and jeans posing before a pink background
by Owen
August 4, 2022

Character Name: Jack Martin

Character Age: 16 Years Old

Favorite Food: Hawaiian-style Pizza

Favorite Band: Pink Signal

“I like that you feel comfortable around me. And you take me seriously when I’m used to being dismissed by everyone. But I’m also not used to getting so much praise. I’m not sure how to take it.”

Jack grew up in South Minneapolis, where he lived with his widowed mother. A dedicated guitar player since he was twelve, Jack would never admit he’s sort of a guitar prodigy even though he is. Jack enjoys listening to music and playing video games, especially Chaos Siren and Fable Legion. After moving in with his older brother Isaac in San Francisco, Jack started attending Nolan High, a prestigious San Francisco public school.

Jack is sweet, kind, and willing to do just about anything for the people he loves. Jack also suffers from anxiety, especially after being unwillingly outed by his ex-boyfriend. Jack uses his quick wit and sarcastic nature to help ease his way through uncomfortable situations. While Jack misses his best friend Paige back in Minneapolis, Jack loves just about everything he’s discovered in San Francisco.

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