Jack’s on Fire Character Profile: Damon

Illustration of a teenage Black boy wearing a blue and white soccer jersey posing before a pink background
by Owen
August 9, 2022

Character Name: Damon Watts

Character Age: 17 Years Old

Favorite Food: Mushroom Veggie-Combo Pizza

Favorite Subject: Math

“I mean, I’m not mad that I’m good at running and kicking a ball around. It’s what’ll get me to the next thing. But, when a game’s over, it’s over. People will talk about how it went. Or maybe they took pics or video to look at later on. But you write a song, and it keeps existing. It has continual impact.”

Damon grew up in San Francisco, where he lives with his grandma Sylvie. Damon is an accomplished soccer player and an excellent student. He especially excels in math. In addition to the time he spends caring for his Grams, Damon also serves as the Nolan High Junior Class President and works part-time as a delivery person. He doesn’t have much free time for hobbies,

Damon is kind, generous, and grounded. He makes friends easily. Although he’s popular among the other Nolan students, Damon keeps his home life separate from his public life. Damon is very self-reliant and often feels pressured to handle his problems on his own–even if that means keeping his friends at arm’s length.

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