Jack and Damon Are Back in Jack’s Ever After

by Owen
May 25, 2023

When my publisher asked me to write a sequel for Jack’s on Fire, I immediately said yes. Then, I admitted that I’d already been working on one. I knew that Jack’s story might never go beyond a single book, so I wrote it with an ending that only left the door open for a possible follow-up. But I’d secretly hoped readers would like it enough to want more because Jack’s story has so much more to tell.

In Jack’s on Fire, our hero Jack experiences what is best described as a fairy tale. After enduring a long time of hardship, things suddenly change. And, with that change came a chance for Jack to thrive. The system no longer beat him down (literally, in some cases), so Jack grew into the young, talented, queer boy he never knew he could be.

With Jack’s Ever After, it was time to put Jack’s growth to the test. He faces new challenges, dangers, and even enemies. But our hero isn’t the same anxious, scared boy he was at the beginning of the first book. He has new tools, friends and loved ones, and a new outlook. But will that be enough for him to shrug off his troubles and keep thriving?

If you enjoyed Jack’s on Fire, Jack’s Ever After will be right up your alley. At its heart, it’s a sweet romance filled with the same witty, insightful, and heartwarming characters you already know and love. And they still say babe. A lot.