Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Rune

Image is an illustration of a young person with short, dark hair, light eyes, and golden-brown skin wearing a dark green t-shirt.
by Owen
April 11, 2022

Character Name: Rune Tabata

Character Age: 24 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: Ridge Fowl Sandwich

Favorite Place: Samu Outpost

Backstory: Rune grew up in the Lowers with his parents and younger sister, Jenra. Rune was never that interested in studying, preferring to spend his free time playing pranks and making anti-Union graffiti with his friends. After leaving his Instruction Center, Rune was assigned a job with the Union Safety and Sanitation Bureau. He also did odd jobs for the Motari before finally joining up with them to avoid serving his Five.

Personality: Rune is thoughtful and sometimes overly philosophical. He doesn’t like showing his feelings and tries to play it off as being battle-hardened and mysterious. Although some might disagree, Rune’s devotion to the Motari is outmatched only by his devotion to his family.

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