Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Jenra

Image is an illustration of a young person with dark, shoulder length hair, light eyes, and golden-brown skin wearing a dark gray button down coat
by Owen
April 9, 2022

Character Name: Jenra Tabata

Character Age: 18 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: Blue Cap Mushroom Stir Fry

Favorite Place: Bartok Public Square

Backstory: Jenra grew up in the Lowers with her parents and older brother Rune. She was a good student, excelling in many subjects despite being taught in an Instruction Center. Her family didn’t have the prestige or connections to get her placed in an Academy. Jenra enjoyed physical activity and showed promise in her combat instruction during her first few weeks at the Defense Force Training Academy.

Personality: Jenra is sharp-witted and intelligent. She has a dry sense of humor, excellent problem-solving skills, and a knack for leadership. Despite her outward acceptance of the Bolvar Union, she sees how things could be different and longs for a chance to make the Union a better place.

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