Founder’s Mercy Character Profile: Davi

Image of a dark skinned person with dark hair in a bun wearing a white coat
by Owen
April 12, 2022

Character Name: Dr. Davi Kitola

Character Age: 27 Neskan Yrs

Favorite Food: Sea Sprout Salad

Favorite Place: Point Arulia

Backstory: Davi grew up in the Palandi Valley just outside of Port Abarra, the child of an artist and a scientist. Both subjects interested Davi as a child, but her fascination with science, specifically Old Tech, led her to study at the Abarran First Explorers  Institute. Seeking knowledge and adventure set her on a journey west, where Davi ultimately joined up with the Motari at Samu Outpost as an Old Tech researcher.

Personality: Davi is quick thinking and logical, sometimes to the point of forgetting about other people’s feelings. But her brilliance and knack for problem-solving have made her one of the foremost experts in her field. Davi misses Port Abarra but wouldn’t trade the opportunity to learn more about Old Tech secrets for anything.

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