Book Review: The Brujos of Borderland High

The cover for The Brujos of Borderland High by Gume Laurel III
by Owen
June 24, 2024


Gume Laurel III’s The Brujos of Borderland High shuffles a potent deck of heartbreak, self-discovery, and Latine culture, presenting a narrative as captivating as a well-laid tarot spread. Alejandro, our young Brujo protagonist, only wants to focus on his piano. But he’s haunted by echoes of his past after a brutally emotional break-up. Then fate, like a capricious hand, throws down a troublesome card. A time-traveling demon knocks Alejandro off course, forcing him to confront the future and the transformative power of forgiveness.

Laurel’s captivating verse explores the universal themes of heartbreak and self-acceptance. The concise lines crackle with raw emotion, capturing the depths of Ale’s grief and the gradual arc of his healing. It’s a powerful exploration of navigating loss, embracing self-worth, and stepping courageously toward a brighter future, a Fool’s Journey writ large.

But there’s much more than melancholic introspection here. This queer story is built on a unique magic system, intertwined with Latine culture, and laced with thrilling action and a captivating mystery as Alejandro confronts the demon and unravels its secrets. Prepare to be enthralled, and know that the emotional resonance will linger long after you turn over the last card.