Book Review: Forget Me Not

The cover for Forget Me Not by A. E. Bratchford
by Owen
June 17, 2024


Forget Me Not is a sci-fi verse novel that gets under your skin. In author A. E. Bratchford’s hands, the format is a master key, unlocking a universe of emotion with just a few lines at a time. The spare, single column of text on the page perfectly mirrors the cold emptiness of space that Beatrice finds herself trapped in. This isn’t your typical space opera. Forget epic battles and laser fights (although you’ll find those, too.) It’s all about the raw ache of being separated from the one you love by a distance so vast even light struggles to bridge it. Bratchford dives deep into the psyches of Beatrice and Jordan, our two queer heroes, exploring the crushing loneliness and desperate hope that fuels their journeys. Their love story is heartbreaking and hopeful all at once, reminding us that the echo of connection can still be heard even in the darkest corners of space.