Book Review: Blood at the Root

The cover for Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams
by Owen
February 22, 2024


LaDarrion Williams’ captivating debut novel Blood at the Root is a thrilling, modern, magical adventure deeply rooted in Black culture. The story follows Malik, a teenager with extraordinary hidden powers. Fleeing his past, Malik stumbles upon a magical university and discovers his long-lost family. The plot unfolds in a vibrant, contemporary setting at a magical HBCU brimming with pop culture references. The magic system in “Blood at the Root” draws inspiration from African, Caribbean, and Black American sources, offering a fresh perspective on urban fantasy fiction. This story not only shines for its portrayal of young Black characters but also in its representation of Queer characters, providing visibility and understanding often lacking in the genre. The narrative, mainly driven by dialogue, maintains a thrilling blend of intrigue, mystery, and suspense, leaving me eager for a second installment to unravel more of the unresolved story.